The main aim of the company's management is to develop Omega-Refineries into one of the leading building construction companies in the industrial sector, including the oil and gas and the chemical industries. The company continues to offer a wide range of engineering as well as and advanced technical solutions. Starting from the development of an original idea we move to a thorough feasibility study and a business plan. We than finance or arrange investments for the project and, finally, construct it on a turn-key basis with a plant-operational option. Our excellent record is based on high professionalism, well - defined aims and targets and finding the best solution for the tasks given.
Our company working principles are based on the good knowledge of the laws, traditions and customs of the projects' location countries as well as the work for the benefit and well-being of the client's country. We are highly aware of social responsibility and ecological situation in the areas we operate and strive always to uphold the highest norms and standards. Our priority is continuous development of our staff's professional skills and ethical standards within the global context.
Omega Refineries (UK) Ltd and its partners provide a full range of services for mining industry.