30 September 2010. Rivers state's governor Chibuike Amaechi signed an MoU for the construction of a mini oil refinery in the state with Omega Butler International Holdings. The agreement with Omega Refineries (UK) Limited covers design, construction, finance, operation and management of a mini oil refinery in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
The company’s team took part in construction of a storage tank farm of four tanks at the oil deposit of Eastern Cheleken Balkan Veleyat in Turkmenistan where it is now heavily involved in the re-modernisation and the renovation of the purifying plant and the prolonged coking plant at the Turkmenbashi Oil Refinery.
New Kondinsky Mini oil refinery with processing capacity of 100 000 t of oil was commissioned in 2008 in the north of the Tyumen region in the area of Mortka Kondinsky village (Western Siberia, Russia) by R&D Centre “Termakat” of Omega-Refineries.
Omega Refineries is actively participating in several tenders in Uzbekistan and some other former CIS countries at present.