High level processing of oil slime wastes into diesel oil and asphaltic road oils is a perfect solution for environment protection. Please download our presentation HERE.
Omega Refineries employs the most progressive technologies of deep crude oil processing, designing Mini Refineries for production of environmentally friendly Motor Fuels (Petrol and Diesel, matching strict requirements of Euro-3&4 standards) and high quality Bitumen suitable for roads construction. With the Yield of light oil products around 90%, this Mini Refinery outperforms the industry standards.
To reduce capital expenditures against costly traditional technologies, innovative Mini Refinery is engineered with three integrated Process Units:
  • DOR Unit (Deep Oil Refining) with patented Visbreaking-Termakat Technology to achieve high Yield of light products;
  • CDT Unit (Catalytic Distillate Treatment) to produce high-octane Petrol and Diesel with low sulfur content;
  • DGF Unit (Desulfurization and Gas Fractioning) for gas treatment, sulfur production and environmental protection.
To expedite start-up of the Mini Refinery into operation, the Project Schedule is divided in two stages, which allows launching Deep Oil Refining (DOR) Unit and Desulfurization and Gas Fractioning (DGF) Unit, combined with supporting infrastructure of the Refinery, in extremely short time - 9 months. The second stage, including Catalytic Distillate Treatment (CDT Unit), will be finished overall in 16 months. This approach will allow efficient allocation of investments and revenue stream from the first stage operation will facilitate to finance overall construction of the Refinery.